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ALLGEN Offers FREE NCLEX Trial Review

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The Licensure Exam for Nurses in the Philippines is slated to occur on July 3 and July 4 of this year, and just like any other scheduled examination, the upcoming NLE is bound to be packed with countless hopefuls. In fact, numbers show that almost 100,000 individuals will be taking the NLE.

The NLE is known to be a tough nut to crack, with many examinees needing to re-take the test. It is crucial, though, as passing the NLE is the first step for Filipino nurses to practice their profession legally.

However, the NLE is just that – a stepping stone – for many Filipino nurses. There is a proliferation of nursing jobs in our country, but the supply of nurses is higher than the demand; hence the desire for many Filipino nurses to broaden their horizons by looking for jobs overseas.

In order to be able to work in a foreign country, the United States, for example, a licensed Filipino nurse must pass the NCLEX first. There are many review centers offering NCLEX programs, and among the best is ALLGEN: The Intelligent Review. With our distinctive approach to learning, we’ve proven ourselves to provide our students with personalized instruction. Indeed, we can proudly say that we offer the best NCLEX review in town.

To give you a taste of what we have to share, we are offering a one-day pass to this batch of NLE examinees! This one-day pass allows you to sit-in on a day’s worth of NCLEX review classes in our Ermita Office. Any NLE examinee is more than welcome to join us, and if you like what you see, you can enroll in any of our upcoming NCLEX review programs.

On another note, we are also happy to announce that our Cebu branch is extending its services. More than NCLEX review programs, NLE review programs are going to be held at ALLGEN Cebu by August of this year. For more information on the Cebu branch, please visit our ALLGEN Cebu blog.



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ENCORE Local Nursing Review, held its First NLE Open House last August 26, 2009 at ALLGEN Review Center. The “openhouse” was open to all students and nursing graduates who will be taking the Local Board in the future.

Our goal for this seminar is to give a Holistic Approach to all students in preparation for their NLE as well as giving some test taking strategies.

Our first speaker was Mr. Jef Menguin, a national speaker and training consultant on leadership, communication and personal development. He discussed the top 8 reasons why we fail the NLE and  how we can prevent failing.

Mr. Alex Imperial, RN, USRN our  ENCORE instructor shared a lot of  tips on how to answer NLE questions correctly. Participants realized that it is not a matter of INTELLIGENCE but strategies that make an NLE passer. He also discussed our ENCORE Local Nursing Review programs and packages.

Another speaker Mr. Duston Barto of NEAC discussed the NCLEX application process.Parents and students were very appreciative of the information  given to them during the event.

Here are some pictures of the openhouse:

encore 1

Participants registered on ENCORE Log Sheet

Participants waiting for our Speaker

Participants waiting for our Speaker

Participants enjoyed our snacks after listening to our Speaker

Highlights on our Openhouse: "Tips and Strategy to pass the NLE"

Participants enjoyed our snacks after listening to Speaker

Participants enjoyed our snacks after listening to Speaker

Interactions between the Participants and ALLGEN staff

Interactions between the Participants and ALLGEN staff