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How Much Do Forensic Nurses Make?

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The job of a forensic nurse  may sound so  glamorous due to shows featuring Crime Scene Investigations like  CSI, CSI Miami, and CSI New York. However, it requires more than just caring for crime victims. You also help in the investigation of crimes,  collecting evidence for DNA testing, and testifying  in court. And before you can become one, you need to go back to school to learn how to collect hair, saliva and other fluids.

While criminal cases arise in the community, forensic nurses are becoming popular. It offers great opportunities for nursing graduates and experienced Registered Nurses looking for a career change.

Forensic nurses are commonly found at the Emergency Room. For example the case of the distraught mother who brings in her son who is complaining that his leg hurts.

The mother says that his son fell down the stairs when he tries to catch the basketball. Check vitals and get an x-ray of the leg to see if it’s broken right?

Did you make the child change into a gown? Did you get a complete head to toe assessment? Because without it, you would have missed the evidence of previous contusions on his arm from two weeks ago when he was beat with a wrench for not cleaning his room right.

When a Forensic nurse take cases which is not under a criminal investigation, but was caused for example a natural calamity like typhoon, earthquake or landslides, it will fall under Medico Legal Death Investigation

There is no standard salary for a Forensic Nurse. It may vary from area of the country as well as the experience level of the nurse. Some hospitals offer a minimum of $1-4 dollars an hour for on-call nurses. If the SANE is called in for a case, the nurse will receive one to 1 1/2 times their base pay rate. Some organizations will not pay in hourly, but on a per case basis, it will range from $150-$400 depending on the agreement. In one website, it has sited that a forensic nursing salary starts at around $26 per hour and can reach as high as $100. These rates are typically higher than a standard nursing wage, due to the advanced training and education that is involved in becoming a forensic nurse, as well as the compensation for being on-call.

Forensic nursing can be a thrilling profession. They treat patients on criminal cases and usually worked with victims of violent crime and can help in scene investigations



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Hey y’all! Long time. I know. I’ve been really busy.E4 Events is holding Nurse Talk with the Experts on JUne 30th at the SM Manila Cinema 9.Allgen will be ther too. So, hope to see you all 🙂

For more details please read the article below:

“..Its all systems go for Nurse Talk with the Experts at SM Manila on Tuesday June 30, 2009. Nurse Talk from 10am to 530pm is a 1-day FREE ADMISSION seminar aimed to make a big difference to every aspiring and professional nurse as they target an out of the country practice of their profession. The 6-hour inter-active affair will allow Filipino nurses including nursing students to have a better understanding on what awaits a graduate after college and also familiarize professional nurses on the process for those aiming to work in the US. Highlight of the event is the participation of Atty. Gali S. Koren a professional lawyer based in Anaheim California devoted exclusively to practice U.S. Immigration law. Her law firm is the top choice for the health community and has helped thousands of healthcare professionals achieve their goal of working legally and immigrating to the U. S. Likewise respected speakers from other credible organizations like Dr. Rusty Francisco of NC-CLEX, American English Skills Development Center Inc., British Council & IDP Philippines, HCCA International ALLGEN Review & Nurse Exam Application Center (NEAC) were also invited to conduct a talk on their field of expertise. In long-term Nurse Talk with the Experts via a school tour intends to establish solid partnerships with academic institutions offering nursing courses to equip in advance their students with the necessary education needed to guide them in advance for a possible US nursing career. Want a sure seat for Nurse Talk Seminar visit or call/text us now at 567-1783/0923 to reserve a ticket…”

Step-by-Step Guide to the NCLEX-RN Online Application Procedure

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This post is created with the assumption that you have met all of the board of nursing’s eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX Examination. If you’ve already processed your application with NEAC, you can disregard this information as they will do everything for you.

Here’s a steb-by-step guide on the Pearson VUE online NCLEX-RN Online Registration Procedure:

Step 1: Visit the Pearson Vue website:

Pearson Vue Webpage

Pearson Vue Webpage

Step 2: Access information by selecting the program NCLEX Examination as shown:

Select NCLEX Examination

Step 3: Select the option “REGISTER” on the right column as shown:

register option

Step 4: Select Credit Card Option as shown ( If you’re using a debit card, you still have to choose this option):

select credit card optionStep 5: Create your Account Profile as shown:

online-reg-formStep 6 Enter your home address and telephone information:


Step 7  For future account verification, enter your security information (if you’re not an American, a US Resident, or a holder of a working visa , then you do not have a Social Security Number ( SSN) yet. Leave this form field blank and answer the next form fields as shown. If you have a CGFNS certificate type in your CGFNS number):

statusStep 8: Create your username:


Step 9: Select NCLEX-RN Examination. The application fee is $200.00 (Be careful when you make the selection because any later request to change the examination type will charge you $50).


Step 10: Select Philippines (this is assuming that you’re taking your NCLEX-RN in the Philippines):


Step 11: Answer the registration question. This is the tricky part. If you do not know where to find your course code, this step will consume a lot of your time. For your information, the course code can be found in page 42 of the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin 2009 which can be downloaded from the Pearson Vue website. I have provided you with the codes as shown in the image below for your convenience. Once you type in the code, click on the search button. The program name and code for the Philippines will then appear. You need to select this code. Enter your graduation year. Select the Board of Nursing from which you’re taking your licensure. Click Next:


CLICK on the above image for a bigger view


Step 12 Enter your billing information (The card security code are the last 3 digits that can be found at the back of your credit/debit card.An example is shown in the image below) Click Next:


Step 13 Confirmation. In this last step, you will need to confirm your registration. Your name and application number with the amount you need to pay will be provided. Read and tick the confidentiality agreement and then click the “Confirm Registration” Button.


If your credit card went through you will then be redirected to a confirmation page. A confirmation will also be sent to your email as well as your log-in information. When you’re ready to take the NCLEX, simply log in to your Pearson Vue Account and schedule your NCLEX-RN. Good Luck!

About ALLGEN The Intelligent Review

The NCLEX-RN is an examination that helps predict your future as a nurse.

Allgen’s innovative approach in delivering effective NCLEX and IELTS Review gives nurses and other professionals the confidence to trust us as a review center. We use an intelligent process to identify and prioritize a candidate’s needs, and then we deliver winning test taking strategies to help them pass the NCLEX and IELTS examinations.
For more information about our company please visit our website at….
To schedule a visit please contact us at (02) 567-2749/(02) 567-0641 or text us at +63 916 6262469.For directions to our office click on and print the map below:
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Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA): Highest Paying Nursing Job

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According to SALARY.COM’s January 2009 HR data, a Certified Nurse Anasthetist or CRNA receives an average annual base salary of …(hold your breath)…$175,319+++

That’s just 76% of her total income. The rest of her benefits include the following:


(2)Social Security: $9,164.00;

(3)401k/403b: $6,313.00;

(4) Disability: $1,754.00;

(5) Healthcare : $5,722.00;

(6) Pension: $8,067.00; (7)

(7) and Time Off ; $22,933-00.

She gets a total of both benefits and salary amounting to $229,334.00 . Isn’t it amazing?

Question 1: How does an RN become a CRNA?

To become a CRNA, one must have the following requirements:

  • A US RN license (take the NCLEX RN Review);
  • At least 1 year experience in Acute Care Nursing;
  • A Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia (24 to 36 months including clinical training );and
  • Must pass the US certification exam following graduation.

It takes a total of seven (7) years to become a CRNA including your Bachelors Degree in Nursing. What is time if we have  the necessary resources?

When we work as RNs in America, all doors are open to afford this kind of continuing education. Three (3) years in continuing education isn’t really that bad.

In the US, you can work ang go to Nursing Graduate School. In the Philippines, you have a lot of sacrifices to make.

So, are you up for this kind of challenge?Now is the time to  really be excited about your future. For other additional information, you may visit and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.


ALLGEN Welcomes 2009 with IELTS Review

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Allgen the Intelligent Review welcomes New Year w/ a big-bang by introducing International English Language Testing System or IELTS a globally recognized English language proficiency assessment system developed by the University of Cambridge in the UK.

As an English language teaching, diagnostics and test preparation center ALLGEN will be backed-up by high-caliber teaching staff comprising native speakers, seasoned grammarians and specialists in ESL and TESOL.

Expect ALLGEN’s IELTS to deliver a disciplined, no non-sense approach, syllabus-driven proven methodology to bring nurses & working professionals to greater heights.

IELTS Instructors

IELTS Instructors

Allgen’s 3rd Open House is on January 10, 2009

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If you are a NURSE in search of inter-active answers to your questions, come join us on January 10, 2009, Saturday between 2 to 4pm for the 3rd ALLGEN Open-House.

Listen and learn as industry experts guide you on the ff:

  1. The NCLEX Application Process, how do I go about it?
  2. Is CGFNS still a requirement to be a US-RN?
  3. IELTS is it a must to my American Dream?
  4. Preparing for the NCLEX RN
  5. Introduction to the 17-Day ALLGEN Review Program

This 2-hour informative activity includes snacks & drinks and is absolutely FREE of charge.  If you’re interested, please  Call us at (02) 567-2749, (02) 567-0641 or  0918-4688222 or email us  You may also visit  ALLGEN Review Center at Suite # 507, T.M. Kalaw Center. Bldg., T.M. Kalaw Ave., Manila.

Hurry, the  ALLGEN Open-House offers limited slots, so call us now for reservations.

For all other information please visit our website at

Nursing is Recession Free

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Jobs in the US Healthcare Industry especially in nursing are recession free. Here are the top three (3)  reasons why Filipino nurses will be deployed sooner than later:

  1. UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE – According to President-elect Barrack Obama’s nurse campaign fact sheets, “Barack Obama is committed to signing universal health legislation by the end of his first term in office that ensures all Americans have high-quality, affordable health care coverage…” More healthcare means more nurses. More nurses means more Filipinos coming into the United States;
  2. AMERICAN NURSES are retiring– In the same campaign factsheet it was stated that,”too many young adults are choosing not to enter the nursing profession, and a significant number of current nurses are switching careers or retiring early…  ” Well a lot of young Filipino nurses are more than willing to these jobs. America realizes that;
  3. CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK, ILLINOIS and other States NURSING SHORTAGE – Despite the recession, Top US States still experience a nursing shortage. This situation will not diminish for some time;

All the above statements are proof that the nursing profession is not affected by the current  economic downturn within the United States.