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U.S. Issues Visa Bulletin for October 2010

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Here is a piece of awesome news for all you nurses with pending visa applications to the United States! A new Visa Bulletin has just been released, renewing the hopes of those who have been aiming to get to the United States for work for so many years.

We all know how tiresome and frustrating the whole process can be, and while we cannot do anything about the situation, we can continue to prepare and equip ourselves to increase our chances of finding work in what has been dubbed by some as the “Promised Lands.” With this new bulletin, however, individuals who have sent in their applications and have been waiting for years might just see their dreams coming true. For more specific details on the bulletin, please click on the link above.

For many Filipino nurses who are still waiting for that big break, ALLGEN can help you with your preparations for work in other countries such as the United States. This October 4, we will be holding another NCLEX-RN review program. You may have already heard about our innovative and proven review methods, which have satisfied many a Pinoy RN.

More than this, however, we are offering an early bird discount to reviewers who will register on or before September 17. For only PHP15,000, reviewers will have access to unlimited review, together with all the technology and materials that ALLGEN has become known for.

For inquiries and reservations, please call or text the following numbers:

  • 567-2749/0641
  • 0917-544-2558
  • 0918-468-8222
  • 0922-859-5471

You can also visit our parent site for more information.


The Essence of Volunteering

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In light of the upcoming run that ALLGEN is sponsoring, we thought it appropriate to bring up the topic of volunteering.  We all know that many nurses are offering their services as volunteers to hospitals and other health institutions.  The sad truth is that majority of these institutions require nurse “volunteers” to pay a fee in order to serve.  Note the use of quotation marks on the word volunteer.  By definition, the word volunteer imparts the idea of free will.  Merriam-Webster gives us the following descriptions.

As a noun:

1 : a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service: as a : one who enters into military service voluntarily b (1) : one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest (2) : one who receives a conveyance or transfer of property without giving valuable consideration.

Nowhere in the definition can you see any mention of money.  Monetary compensation is not the essence of volunteering.  Why then are “volunteer” nurses in the Philippines asked to pay to render their services?

You may say that the intention of those nurses who volunteer are not that pure anyway.  Some – if not many – nurses volunteer simply because they need the experience in order to get accepted to higher paying jobs outside of the country.  But, did you know that if you render volunteer service while not a registered nurse, it won’t be counted anyway?

That is beside the point, though, volunteerism ought to be a pure act.  On the one hand, hospitals and health institutions accepting volunteer nurses ought to willingly accept the services of those who offer – without any thought for the additional income that can be had.  On the other hand, nurses ought to willingly offer their services without making “experience for their resume” the primary objective.  Isn’t helping others without asking anything in return the spirit of nursing anyway?

What do you think about volunteering and volunteer fees?  Do you have any personal experience?  Do share them with us!

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Hey y’all! Long time. I know. I’ve been really busy.E4 Events is holding Nurse Talk with the Experts on JUne 30th at the SM Manila Cinema 9.Allgen will be ther too. So, hope to see you all 🙂

For more details please read the article below:

“..Its all systems go for Nurse Talk with the Experts at SM Manila on Tuesday June 30, 2009. Nurse Talk from 10am to 530pm is a 1-day FREE ADMISSION seminar aimed to make a big difference to every aspiring and professional nurse as they target an out of the country practice of their profession. The 6-hour inter-active affair will allow Filipino nurses including nursing students to have a better understanding on what awaits a graduate after college and also familiarize professional nurses on the process for those aiming to work in the US. Highlight of the event is the participation of Atty. Gali S. Koren a professional lawyer based in Anaheim California devoted exclusively to practice U.S. Immigration law. Her law firm is the top choice for the health community and has helped thousands of healthcare professionals achieve their goal of working legally and immigrating to the U. S. Likewise respected speakers from other credible organizations like Dr. Rusty Francisco of NC-CLEX, American English Skills Development Center Inc., British Council & IDP Philippines, HCCA International ALLGEN Review & Nurse Exam Application Center (NEAC) were also invited to conduct a talk on their field of expertise. In long-term Nurse Talk with the Experts via a school tour intends to establish solid partnerships with academic institutions offering nursing courses to equip in advance their students with the necessary education needed to guide them in advance for a possible US nursing career. Want a sure seat for Nurse Talk Seminar visit or call/text us now at 567-1783/0923 to reserve a ticket…”

4th ALLGEN Open-House – March 28, 2009 (SATURDAY)

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Due to popular demand, Allgen The Intelligent Review will once again open its doors to all nurses and/or parents who are interested.

Listen and learn as industry experts guide you on the ff:

1. The NCLEX Application Process, how do I go about it?
2. The Visascreen Application Process.
3. The role of NCLEX and IELTS in the ICHP/CGFNS Visascreen Application Process.
4. Preparing for the NCLEX RN
5. Introduction to ALLGEN

This 3-hour informative activity includes snacks & drinks and is absolutely FREE of charge. If you’re interested, please Call us at (02) 567-2749, (02) 567-0641 or 0918-4688222 or email us at

You may also visit ALLGEN Review Center at Suite # 507, T.M. Kalaw Center. Bldg., T.M. Kalaw
Ave., Manila.

Hurry, the ALLGEN Open-House offers limited slots, so call us now for reservations.

Souvenir shot of the speakers and the participants.

Souvenir shot of the speakers and the participants.


Nurses listening intensely to speakers.

Mr. Ruben of Allgen giving a 10% discount award

Mr. Ruben of Allgen giving a 10% discount award

  • Duston Barto of NEAC Exam Application Center
  • Duston Barto of NEAC Exam Application Center
  • Nurse participants enjoying the cozy athmosphere of Allgen's classrooms.

    Nurse participants enjoying the cozy athmosphere of Allgen's classrooms.

    allgen location map

    Step-by-Step Guide to the NCLEX-RN Online Application Procedure

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    This post is created with the assumption that you have met all of the board of nursing’s eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX Examination. If you’ve already processed your application with NEAC, you can disregard this information as they will do everything for you.

    Here’s a steb-by-step guide on the Pearson VUE online NCLEX-RN Online Registration Procedure:

    Step 1: Visit the Pearson Vue website:

    Pearson Vue Webpage

    Pearson Vue Webpage

    Step 2: Access information by selecting the program NCLEX Examination as shown:

    Select NCLEX Examination

    Step 3: Select the option “REGISTER” on the right column as shown:

    register option

    Step 4: Select Credit Card Option as shown ( If you’re using a debit card, you still have to choose this option):

    select credit card optionStep 5: Create your Account Profile as shown:

    online-reg-formStep 6 Enter your home address and telephone information:


    Step 7  For future account verification, enter your security information (if you’re not an American, a US Resident, or a holder of a working visa , then you do not have a Social Security Number ( SSN) yet. Leave this form field blank and answer the next form fields as shown. If you have a CGFNS certificate type in your CGFNS number):

    statusStep 8: Create your username:


    Step 9: Select NCLEX-RN Examination. The application fee is $200.00 (Be careful when you make the selection because any later request to change the examination type will charge you $50).


    Step 10: Select Philippines (this is assuming that you’re taking your NCLEX-RN in the Philippines):


    Step 11: Answer the registration question. This is the tricky part. If you do not know where to find your course code, this step will consume a lot of your time. For your information, the course code can be found in page 42 of the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin 2009 which can be downloaded from the Pearson Vue website. I have provided you with the codes as shown in the image below for your convenience. Once you type in the code, click on the search button. The program name and code for the Philippines will then appear. You need to select this code. Enter your graduation year. Select the Board of Nursing from which you’re taking your licensure. Click Next:


    CLICK on the above image for a bigger view


    Step 12 Enter your billing information (The card security code are the last 3 digits that can be found at the back of your credit/debit card.An example is shown in the image below) Click Next:


    Step 13 Confirmation. In this last step, you will need to confirm your registration. Your name and application number with the amount you need to pay will be provided. Read and tick the confidentiality agreement and then click the “Confirm Registration” Button.


    If your credit card went through you will then be redirected to a confirmation page. A confirmation will also be sent to your email as well as your log-in information. When you’re ready to take the NCLEX, simply log in to your Pearson Vue Account and schedule your NCLEX-RN. Good Luck!

    About ALLGEN The Intelligent Review

    The NCLEX-RN is an examination that helps predict your future as a nurse.

    Allgen’s innovative approach in delivering effective NCLEX and IELTS Review gives nurses and other professionals the confidence to trust us as a review center. We use an intelligent process to identify and prioritize a candidate’s needs, and then we deliver winning test taking strategies to help them pass the NCLEX and IELTS examinations.
    For more information about our company please visit our website at….
    To schedule a visit please contact us at (02) 567-2749/(02) 567-0641 or text us at +63 916 6262469.For directions to our office click on and print the map below:
    allgen location map

    Are you a “YES” Nurse?

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    As I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey as the lead actor, I couldn’t help but look around me and see the silhouettes of the viewers’ faces. I was looking for the not-so bright twinkle in their eyes. That same not-so-bright twinkle that I have. An affirmation of guilt that in each and everyone of us Filipinos, is a dominant “NO” person. The movie inspired me to ask this question to all of you nurses and nursing graduates . Are you a “Yes” nurse candidate?

    1. When you live in Pasay City and there’s an upcoming expo at the Gateway Mall for nursing careers, you:
      (a) call to inquire;
      (b) let it pass and tell yourself there’s more expos to come nearby;
      (c)  Wait for your friends to decide whether or not they will come with you.
    2. When  you’re invited to a recruitment agency’s open house, you:
      (a) Call for reservations right away. Who knows the US employer might be present;
      (b) Say no, they might be illegal recruiters and only want your money;
      (c)  Ask for your mother’s opinion since she’s the one who wanted you to become a nurse in the first place.
    3. When you’ve just  passed your local board exam, your next step would be to:
      (a) Look for an NCLEX Reviewer right away. Time is gold;
      (b) Look for a job right away, what is the value of an  NCLEX score if there’s crisis in America;
      (c) Let your friend go ahead and take her review, see where it leads her, then you’ll decide.
    4. When you read an article in a newspaper and you see a company involved in a Medical Mission, your first reaction would be:
      (a) That’s great! I’m really very interested.Maybe I can join their next mission;
      (b) Publicity,publicity,publicity. These companies are so full of $%%$#;
      (c) I don’t read newspapers. Therefore, I don’t know.
    5. In a one-on-one interview with a representative of a US employer you froze and had a mental block and lost your chance of getting hired. Your immediate reaction would be to:
      (a) Walk up to the representative, explain to her you had a mental block and ask for a second interview;
      (b) Go to the receptionist and tell her you didn’t make it while your cold hands are clasping each other. I’m sure there’s more interviews to come;
      (c) What? Interview? What time is it? Oh my G%$#! I’m late for my interview!

    If you answered “A” to 3 or more of the 5 question then you’re a “YES” nurse candidate. You are not afraid to ask questions. Neither are you afraid to take chances. By asking questions, you learn about the the validity of certain information. You are not afraid to ask for a second chance because nobody will ask for it in your behalf. You will end up in your dream job faster than the “NO” candidate.

    If you answered “B” to 3 or more of the 5 questions, then you are a “NO” candidate. Being a “NO”  doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a negative person. It only mean you’re suspicious of a lot of things and most of it are related to our culture and history. You are intimidated by people of authority, because that’s how our culture dictated us to be. Remember, you are aspiring to work in a country where “practicality” comes first.You’d rather play safe than take the chance. Remember, opportunity knocks only once. If  you don’t try and  find out, how will you know if an agency is credible or not? There are  so many people who wanted to take up nursing but do not have the means. I f you wait  for your chance, it will pass on you. So, try and keep a positive attitude and watch miracles happen in front of you.

    If you answered “C” in 3 or more of the 5 questions, you are in the wrong path. There is still hope for you to change, but you need to weigh your options. Do you really want to be a nurse? If your answer is no, then you need to make changes as early as possible.

    Please comment on this article and let me know if this has been a helpful activity to you. Good luck in all you job interviews!

    The VisaScreen® Application Process FAQs

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    I joined a chatroom last Sunday and encountered a topic regarding the application for VisaScreen® Process. In one instance a nurse candidate was concerned about a near expiration IELTS result and was clueless about the Visascreen procedure.  Unfortunately, nobody in the chat room was well equipped with information at that moment and the best help that the candidate got was a series of links to sites related to VisaScreen®.

    This incident pushed me to research more about the VisaScreen® process. The results of my research are summarized in an FAQ format for the candidate nurse’s convenience. I have omitted information which I feel requires common sense to know the answer. Please feel free to comment on the following article:

    Q1: What is the VisaScreen® Process?

    A1: The VisaScreen® is a screening program for foreign health care workers seeking an occupational visa in the United States. An NCLEX passer cannot apply for a job in the US without the Visa Screen Certificate (VSC).

    Upon acquiring the  VSC, the candidate submits her job application together with her VSC and  NCLEX result through an agent or through direct employment. She will then apply for a working visa.

    After her visa is issued, she will then apply for a social security number (SSN). Then she will submit her SSN to the US Board of Registered Nursing after which she will receive her USRN license.

    Q2: How can I  apply for a VisaScreen® certificate (VSC)?

    A2: The are three (3) ways to apply for a VSC.

    1. First  is to apply online through the CGFNS website;
    2. Second is to download the VisaScreen® Application Handbook. In this handbook you will find the application form and instructions;
    3. Third is to write or call the CGFNS  for application from CGFNS International by mail or phone (YOU DONT WANT TO DO THIS.)

    Q3: What are the requirements for VisaScreen® application?

    1. Complete your VisaScreen® application form;
    2. Complete the forms to be sent to your nursing school. Your school will be the one to submit your Transcript of Records to CGFNS. However, you must include a photocopy of your diploma, certificate, or external exam certificate from your secondary school and nonprofession-related, post-secondary school in your application submission;
    3. Complete the forms to send to your licensing authority (in this case the PRC). The PRC will be the one to submit your license validation to CGFNS;
    4. A passing IELTS score to be forwarded by the testing agency (in this case the British Council) to the CGFNS/ICHP. Courier is free from The British council. Your IELTS must not be near expiration and must be valid within the time frame of  the CGFNS’ receipt of  all your documents, otherwise a you will need to retake the same examination;
    5. A passing score of either the CGFNS International Qualifying ExamSM or the NCLEX-RN® examination if you are a registered nurse (you only need one test);
    6. Enclose an international money order or certified bank check in the amount of Four Hundred Ninety Eight Dollars ($498.00) payable to CGFNS or pay online at CGFNS Connect — Apply/Check Status with one of the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or Discover/Novus. Payment must be received within 60 days of applying. For those who have relatives abroad, a check drawn from a US bank is acceptable. For a schedule of other fees (eg. renewal)  please see

    Q4: What is the average length of time to receive official transcripts and licensure verifications after receipt of application?

    A4: The average length of time to receive official transcripts and licensure verifications after receipt of application is 85 calendar days.

    Q5: What is the Average CGFNS/ICHP file review and processing time, after receipt of all required documents?

    A5: The Average CGFNS/ICHP file review and processing time, after receipt of all required documents 30 calendar days.

    Q6: I’m working . I’m too busy. I don’t have a credit card to pay online. I don’t want to make a mistake in my application. I want to do this fast. Is there a company that can assist me in all this process?

    A6: NEAC Application Center can help you with the Visascreen Application Process . They have branches is Manila, Cebu and Davao. For more information you can visit their website at

    This article is a summary. For all other information you can visit the CGFNS website at

    Goodluck to All.