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The Essence of Volunteering

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In light of the upcoming run that ALLGEN is sponsoring, we thought it appropriate to bring up the topic of volunteering.  We all know that many nurses are offering their services as volunteers to hospitals and other health institutions.  The sad truth is that majority of these institutions require nurse “volunteers” to pay a fee in order to serve.  Note the use of quotation marks on the word volunteer.  By definition, the word volunteer imparts the idea of free will.  Merriam-Webster gives us the following descriptions.

As a noun:

1 : a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service: as a : one who enters into military service voluntarily b (1) : one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest (2) : one who receives a conveyance or transfer of property without giving valuable consideration.

Nowhere in the definition can you see any mention of money.  Monetary compensation is not the essence of volunteering.  Why then are “volunteer” nurses in the Philippines asked to pay to render their services?

You may say that the intention of those nurses who volunteer are not that pure anyway.  Some – if not many – nurses volunteer simply because they need the experience in order to get accepted to higher paying jobs outside of the country.  But, did you know that if you render volunteer service while not a registered nurse, it won’t be counted anyway?

That is beside the point, though, volunteerism ought to be a pure act.  On the one hand, hospitals and health institutions accepting volunteer nurses ought to willingly accept the services of those who offer – without any thought for the additional income that can be had.  On the other hand, nurses ought to willingly offer their services without making “experience for their resume” the primary objective.  Isn’t helping others without asking anything in return the spirit of nursing anyway?

What do you think about volunteering and volunteer fees?  Do you have any personal experience?  Do share them with us!

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Run for a Cause: We too shall run!

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Keeping one’s body healthy is just as important as keeping one’s mind sharp.  These days, the most popular activity to stay fit is to run marathons.  Even better, these days, marathons are held to support a greater cause.

We at ALLGEN are joining the bandwagon to highlight a cause that is close to a nurse’s heart: to stop nurse volunteer fees.

On the 14th of November, ALLGEN is holding its first annual run.  If you want to support this cause, register anytime from August 2 to October 22, 2010.  Categories, relevant fees, inclusions, assembly times, and gun start times are as follows:

  • 3K 250 Race Kit & Singlet 5:35am 5:45am
  • 5K 350 Race kit & Singlet 5:46am 6:00am
  • 10K 450 Race Kit & Singlet 5:15am 5:30am
  • 16K 600 Race kit & Singlet 5:15am 5:30am
  • 10K GROUP (10 member division) 15,000 10 Race kits, 10 Singlet, Individual “Fun Run” medals, Team Plaque 5:15am 5:15am
  • 16K GROUP (10 member division) 15,000 10 Race kits, 10 Singlet, Individual “Fun Run” medals, Team Plaque 5:15am 5:15am

In order to register and acquire more information, please get in touch with us at:


5F T.M Kalaw Center Bldg. T.M Kalaw Ave.

Ermita, Manila

(02) 567-2749/0641; 0917-544-2558; 0918-468-8222; 0922-859-5471

Make good use of your time, join  us in our run for a cause!


  • GIVEAWAY BAG shall be given to first 200 registrants who will pay immediately.
  • Participants 6 years and below will be free of charge. Their guardians will be asked to present ID or other proof for validation